TOP 9 deadliest natural disasters of all time

Natural disasters that occured in history

Published on 27/03/2020

Apparently, China happens to be one of the most impacted country by natural disasters that cost millions of people’s lives. Earthquake, typhoon, cyclone and floods are the leading cause of death by natural disasters and whoever is close to such disaster is in danger. Eight of the largest disasters ever happened were after the 1800’s with the highest death rates, however it is not least to mention that the population before was significantly less.

9. Tangshan earthquake (242,000 deaths)

Tangshan earthquake also known as the Great Tangshan earthquake was a natural disaster caused by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake. It is estimated that about 240,000 people lost their lives and besides that, the whole city stopped functioning. 85% of the buildings seemed to collapse or became unusable along with highways, railways and basically all imaginable services have stopped. China is often stuck by disasters such as floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

8. Haiyuan earthquake (273,400 deaths)

Haiyuan earthquake was one of the deadliest natural disasters ever which took more than 270,000 people’s lives in China. It was reported that the earthquake was affecting a radius of 125 miles which caused large ground cracks, dammed rivers and change of river paths. Haiyuan county was seriously impacted where more than 73,000 people died with another 200,000 people across the neighbour counties. The terrifying disaster happened on the 16th of December 1920.

7. Haiphong typhoon (290,000 deaths)

The most dangerous typhoon ever happened was on the 27th of September 1881 in Vietnam. The rampaging typhoon lasted for 11 days before it disappeared, however within that 11 days, more than 290,000 people lost their lives due to the horrific circumstances. Vietnam was not the only country affected by the devastating typhoon, in fact it travelled over 1000 miles from Vietnam to the Philippines.

6. Antioch earthquake (300,000 death)

Antioch earthquake is the earliest disaster in our list which occurred between 20 – 29th May 526 in the Byzantine Empire (now Turkey). The estimated Richter magnitude of the earthquake reached 7.0 which claimed about 300,000 people’s lives. It is a massive number and not only that, the population in 526 was about 200 million across the globe which makes this earthquake very destructive ratio-wise. After the 29th of May when the earthquake ceased, an 18 months aftershock followed which consisted of hundreds to thousands of smaller earthquakes that caused serious damages.

5. Haiti earthquake (316,000 deaths)

Haiti earthquake (7.0 magnitude) is one of the most recent natural disasters which occurred on the 12th of January in 2010. By the 24th of January more than 52 aftershocks had been reported which were 4.5 on the Richter magnitude. Throughout the disaster, it is estimated that about 316,000 people lost their lives, along with huge damage made to hospitals and transport facilities. Just under one day, over $58 million were donated which made a huge difference in helping the people in need.

4. Bhola cyclone (500,000 deaths)

Bhola cyclone was the most devastating tropical cyclone ever occurring that struck Pakistan and India territories. The disaster happened on the 3rd of November 1970, however in the same year there were 6 cyclones in total from which this one was the most destructive. Over 500,000 people died in 10 days with catastrophic circumstances such as terrifying winds reaching over 150 mph. 1970 was a disastrous year for those territories, but luckily there were no serious cyclones since then.

3. Shaanxi earthquake (830,000 deaths)

Shaanxi earthquake is the world’s deadliest earthquake ever occurred. It happened on the 23rd of January 1556 in Shaanxi province (China). Over 97 counties were impacted by the disaster and in total took more than 830,000 lives. The area affected by the earthquake had a radius of 520 miles where buildings, in some places even towns and villages completely disappeared. This is also terrifying because in the 1500’s the world’s population was way less, in fact today there are 15 times more people living compared to then.

2. Yellow River flood (900,000 deaths)

Yellow River flood was the second deadliest disaster in history which took more than 900,000 lives. China has experienced a lot of disasters throughout their history which is pretty horrific. The Yellow River effusion happened in September 1887 that covered over 50,000 square miles and not only that, after the devastating disaster there were more than 2 million people left homeless as a result of the damage the flood made. Such lethal disaster makes the Yellow River flood the second deadliest disaster ever in history.

1. China floods (4,000,000 deaths)

The 1931 China floods or also known as the 1931 Yangtze-Huai River floods were a series of floods which eventually formed one monumental flood that demanded about 4 million people’s lives. This was the largest flood ever, however initially it only killed about 500,000 people but due to the diseases that spread with the flood, it killed millions and caused lands to be unusable for a while which lead to famine and all other issues. Unarguably this collection of floods caused the most deaths, in fact it took more lives than all the other disasters together in our list.

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