TOP 8 ancient animals that coexisted with dinosaurs

Ancient animals that coexisted with dinosaurs more than hundreds of million years ago

Published on 27/03/2020

Most of the animals that managed to survive from being extinct are aquatic creatures. Unfortunately, terrestrial animals had lower chance to survive as they were the first affected by the meteor impact. Not only that the explosion killed most animals (mainly terrestrials) almost straight away but also the fact that the air became so unhealthy that it was impossible for almost any creature to live.

8. Snakes (130 million years)

Snakes are one of the animals who were lucky to survive from the extinction. Not everyone knows that snakes were actually among dinosaurs and the first snake fossils were discovered were more than 130 million years old. They have been here a while ago and may even be here after us. The world’s most poisonous snake is the Inland taipan which is capable of killing 100 humans with only one bite amount of poison.

Snake in not only one of the earliest lives on Earth but also one of the deadliest creatures on the planet causing more than 100,000 deaths annually. Follow the link to reveal the full list TOP 14 deadliest creatures to humans

7. Bees (150 million years)

Bees are one of the less terrifying species on this list but has been around for more than 150 million years. Bees are taking an essential part in nature which is to pollinate cultivated crops and wild plants. Without the hard-working hands of these creatures, it is estimated that within only 3 – 4 years the earth would not be suitable for living. Thankfully these animals are still existing and does not seems like they are about extinct.

An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

6. Crocodiles (240 million years)

If there is an animal that reminds us to dinosaurs then it is the crocodile. The crocodile’s appearance has not changed over the years while animals went through a lot of changes throughout the evolution. Crocodiles are terrifying creatures but hundreds of millions of years ago they were much larger. The largest crocodile that ever lived was over 12 metres long with a weight of 8 tons but luckily this creature lived more than 110 million years ago. The first crocodile species were discovered more than 240 million years ago.

Would you have thought that specific species of crocodiles can live up to 100 years? A crocodile's avarage weight is between 500 - 1000kg!

5. Sharks (400 million years)

Shark is probably most people’s first thought when it comes to dangerous aquatic creatures but staggeringly there are not many shark attacks happening nowadays, in fact there are about 7 lethal shark attacks annually. Sharks has been around for 400 million years and not unreasonable to say it is one of the most terrifying creatures that ever lived. The largest shark was discovered in 1947 which outlined that the shark’s weight was over 28 tons with a length of about 12 metres.

Sharks are one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet, but not many people knows that sharks are only the 14th deadliest creatures to humans.

4. Horseshoe crabs (450 million years)

Horseshoe crab is a relatively small animal, yet the species was lucky enough to survive for more than 450 million years. It is hard to tell how large they could have been but today an average horseshoe crab is about 18 inches from tail to head. They can mostly be found in the Atlantic Ocean, along coastlines. Horseshoe crabs are the 4th older animals that coexisted with dinosaurs and even before them.

3. Starfish (460 million years)

Starfish is the 3rd oldest species that still exists today and it has been around for 450 million years. Starfish often described as having 5 arms however in actual fact certain species of starfish can have up to 40 arms and upon losing some, they can regenerate them. Starfish use their tube feet to move, however starfish don’t have brain at all.

2. Lobsters (480 million years)

Lobsters are an interesting species because from birth until their death, they are constantly growing. Lobsters has been around for about 500 million years, however their culture is not profitable because they are cannibalistic which means if they are after for food and there is nothing around, it is very likely that they will eat each other. Certain species of lobsters can live up to 100 years and along with starfish, they can also regenerate their claws, legs and antennas.

1. Jellyfish (500+ million years)

Jellyfish has been around more than 500 million years ago and it is one of a kind animal. It has the capability to clone itself when it is injured and even if it is cut in two pieces, both pieces of the jellyfish can live on its own and regenerate the missing organs. The largest species of jellyfish is the lion’s mane jellyfish that can grow up to 34 metres in length. Some of the jellyfish are actually immortal, unless it dies from a serious injury. Some of its natural predators are tunas, sharks, swordfish and some species of salmons. Jellyfish is the oldest animal species that coexisted with dinosaurs.

Jellyfish have very basic set of nerves at the base of their tentacles that can detect salinity, temprature and touch, but they do not have a brain.

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